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As we get closer to the end of the season for Kenwood Cove, we would like to outline our hours of operation starting on August 5th.

August 5th thru the 8th        Monday - Thursday
Water Walking            7am - 11:45am & 7:15pm - 8:15pm
General Admission        12:30pm - 7pm
Tot Time on Mon & Wed         11am - 12:30pm 


August 9th            Friday
Water Walking            7am - 8:30am
General Admission        12:30pm - 7pm


August 10th            Saturday
Water Walking            11am - 12pm
Tot Time            11am - 12:30pm
General Admission        12:30pm - 7pm


August 11th            Sunday
General Admission        12pm - 6pm
Y93.7 Listener Appreciation Day!


August 12th thru 15th        Monday - Thursday
General Admission        Closed due to school starting
Water Walking            6pm to 8pm


August 16th            Friday
Closed for Activities


August 17th            Saturday
General Admission        2pm - 7pm


August 18th            Sunday
General Admission        2pm - 6pm


August 19th            Monday
Pooch Plunge            5pm - 8pm